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Paper Documents

A variety of hard copy/paper format contract documents are available for purchase. For help selecting a document, view the AIA Contract Documents Reference Materials. To order, email Kathryn Moore, AIA Executive Assistant,, or call 205-322-4386.

Electronic Documents

Documents on Demand

If you'd like to download an electronic document for immediate use, visit Documents on Demand for a selection of more than 110 documents.

Annual Desktop Software Document Licenses

If you use documents frequently, an AIA software license might be the most cost-effective and convenient option.

AIA Contract Documents desktop software allows you to create, edit, manage and share over 180 legal forms and agreements. Choose from Limited Licenses or Unlimited Licenses depending on your business needs. For more information about the AIA Contract Documents Desktop Software, watch this video.

AIA Contract Document Education Portal
The AIA is pleased to offer high-quality education programs designed to help you develop your knowledge of AIA contract documents, expand your software skills and keep you current on industry trends. Visit the AIA Education Portal for an easy, convenient and affordable way to get quality Contract Document education and resources.