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Alabama Center for Architecture Pledge Form | Letter to our Membership

By renovating a historic building in downtown Birmingham, the Center for Architecture will serve as the physical home for the B.A.F. and AIA Birmingham Chapter, vibrant nonprofit organizations that provide resources to both the public and building industry professionals. These organizations and the Center will be a resource for communities, individuals & business owners who need design guidance. Through exhibitions, programs and special events, the Center aims to improve the quality and sustainability of the built environment, foster exchange between the design, construction, real estate communities,   and encourage collaborations across the city and state.  It will be an educational center for the community to learn more about the value of architecture.  The Center will be dedicated to developing the understanding of architecture and its influence on our lives, our communities and world.  The Center will improve the quality of civic and community life in the downtown area. When the center is complete, it will include private conference room, private work stations, kitchen and bar area, outdoor courtyard and exhibit/gallery space.

The Center for Architecture was envisioned with three core principals in mind.                       

  • Bringing citizens in touch with their physical environment not only through exhibits, but also through active participation in competitions, symposia, press conferences, and workshops
  • Supporting communities in understanding the existing conditions and the future potential of their physical environments                                                              
  • Encouraging civic discourse and an open, transparent, and sustained public dialogue
  • Celebrating the design achievements of the region and presenting the design accomplishments of other parts of the world in a manner that raises our aspirations.


  • Expanding our current educational programs for Kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Providing an exhibit space for high schools and colleges to exhibit their design related work
  • Educating the communities through exhibits, lecture series, and charrettes
  • Providing a forum for professional and citizen dialogue about the importance of quality design, beautiful public spaces, good civic architecture, and sustainable, family-friendly neighborhood


  • Connecting professionals, community, and civic leaders to build high quality environments
  • Fostering collegiality and exchange between industry professionals and providing professional development opportunities for them                                               
  • Bridging the gap between the suburbs and city on regional issues such as the environment           
  • Providing gallery space to exhibit projects related to good design

Chair Phil Black, AIA - Krebs Architecture & Engineering
Jamie Aycock, AIA – GA Studio
David Blackmon, AIA – Blackmon Rogers Architects
Susan Lineberry Barron, AIA – KPS Group
Richard Barrow, FAIA – TRO Jung/Brannen
Ty Cole, AIA – GA Studio
Patrick Davis, FAIA – CMH Architecture
Jim Griffo, AIA – Gresham Smith & Partners
Chuck Penuel, AIA – Birchfield Penuel Architects
Richard Pigford, AIA – ArchitectureWorks
Ken Rhoden – Alabama Power
Rob Walker, AIA – Rob Walker Architects